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P-Funk Videos

P-Funk videos

featuring Parliament, Funkadelic, P-Funk All Stars and the Mothership connection.

Video 1:

A very funky video

3 Responses to “P-Funk Videos”

  1. Clif S. |

    This is a GREAT video with Bernie Worrell and the soulful voice of Glen Goins.I never got to see the Mothership land in person,so this is the next closest thing ! The band was extra TIGHT on this selection....just Classic P-Funk.I will ALWAYS be a fan and MY Bass Playing will reflect the influeces of P-Funk,Bootsy Collins,James Brown & The Cosmic writings of George Clinton.BASSCLIF MUSIC

  2. pou |

    The video is an exciting one. I enjoyed it to the fullest. Please put some more cool stuffs like this. I also visited a site , which contains cool stuffs of R&B and Soul Music.

  3. MR. Robin |

    i have been away from my music a long time. even though i have only seen parliament funkadelic once at the shrine in los angeles. but had all the albums or all the few that it is time to research more.and all the groups that made the charts in the 70's. i know the story but now i really want to know the funk and all the people involved that made it what it is and perhaps will become.

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