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Life just doesn't seem quite right without a regular dose of Funk to stimulate those rhythm buds. This is exactly whats needed to be able to do it on the good foot.

NOTICE: We are currently carrying out some maintenance work and updates on surefunk. Several sections will be unavailable until further notice... Stay tuned.

The Vibe

Surefunk is a collective of artists involved in creativity, through sounds: music and fully embrace the vibe that is FUNK, yet not forgetting the funky side of HIP-HOP.

Our aim is to encourage and promote big vibe funk music and hiphop through audio, samples, images, resources and open discussion through our music forum and funk blog.

Yes, there are moments when we might think "where is the funk happening?", well, it's alive and kicking, you just have to dig a little deeper sometimes in these days of pop culture, house music and lone DJ's. It's got to be FUNKY.

The Mothership

As the Mothership once said: "THE FONK WILL SURVIVE UNTIL THE END OF TIME"
(Not only on vynil and cd.. but in the people's hearts, minds and soul)

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:: Live life the good life : Live life the God life : Live life above like : Live a life you've always dreamt of...